⛓️Multi-Network Strategy

CryptoFixe Token's Max Supply and Multi-Network Strategy

The innovative nature of our CryptoFixe token lies in its multi-network flexibility. Although we've set a max supply cap of 1 billion tokens, it's essential to understand that this figure represents the aggregate total across all networks where CryptoFixe is or will be present.

Our token minting approach is strategic. As we venture to list on new networks, we mint tokens corresponding to the liquidity we intend to uphold, ensuring that the circulating supply mirrors our liquidity reserves closely. In a scenario, for instance, where we might have 500 million tokens on the Arbitrum network and another 500 million on the Ethereum network and sought to list on a third network, we would adopt a "burn and mint" strategy. That is, we'd burn a specific quantity from existing networks (e.g., 100 million from each of the two mentioned networks) and then mint that collective quantity onto the new network. This ensures that, irrespective of the number of networks we operate on, the global max supply of 1 billion tokens is always maintained, preserving the integrity and trust in our token's economy.

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